• Our Team - Next Level Coaching

    The DYMANCE team consists exclusively of sports scientists and experienced coaches who have also gained experience in competitive sports themselves.

Bastian Nuhn


MSc. Sports science; 20 years of experience in performance analysing & training managment; empathic nerd; hedonistic chocophile

Link to: 1 : 1 Training planning Consulting appointment

Sarah Lalla


BSc. Sports science; coaching all-rounder; good soul of the team; 8 years experience in personal coaching; absolute power woman!

Link to: 1 : 1 Training planning Consulting appointment
Link to: 1 : 1 Training planning Consulting appointment

Simon Elshorst


MSc. Sports science; 8 years experience as trainer and coach; the barista among coaches; personal coaching at it`s best!

Each of our coaches is a proven specialist in our core tasks in coaching of endurance athletes. In addition, we have a knowledge network of specialists in the background who can be involved in our coaching process and provide assistance, if necessary.
We are accompanied by trained nutritionists and dieticians, physicians/doctors and physiotherapists, mental coaches, psychologists and regeneration physicians.

Always with the aim of creating maximum success for our athletes from our DYMANCE-Hexagon coaching philosophy.

The DYMANCE-Hexagon

We achieve the goal of better, more intensive and more successful coaching through our holistic approach in the perception, guidance and support of our athletes.

For us, the circle of a successful athlete’s life is a dynamic hexagon whose six sides form a healthy and competitive athlete.

Consisting of:

  • the conditional abilities strength, endurance and above all mobility
  • mental fitness
  • a healthy diet
  • sleep and regeneration
  • general health
  • a healthy environment