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    For cyclists and triathletes –
    never to the lab again!

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    Smart, reliable, efficient – your individual training planning without detours to the point

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  • 1:1 Performance Coaching

    Empathic coaches accompany you on your journey with a mixture of state-of-the-art technology, know-how and years of experience

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    1:1 Performance Coaching in endurance sports

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Because you are not an average person and you should not satisfied be with less!
Because you don´t have time to waste in everyday life and no time for mistakes!

Our training and coaching is not limited to the task of planning “fitness training”. Grown from the belief that one can coach better, more intense and more successful, our philosophy was born to train our athletes and to empower them to become a self-determined and responsible athlete. Guided by the conviction that our athletes can only realize their sporting potential if they reach their human potential, we see far more than just the sporting shell of our customers and friends.


Our performance diagnosticians and coaches are experts and specialists in dealing with the modern methods of performance diagnostics and training control based on the new, modern parameters and data/results.

Almost 18 years of research and development have gone into the revolutionary methods of our performance diagnostics on INSCYD technology.

Nearly 15 years ago, terms like VLamax, Fatmax, LowCarb, targeted VO2max training, etc. have found their way into the trade magazines and in professional and competitive sports. Today, these terms are omnipresent and it is impossible to imagine training management as used by modern trainers without them.

Lactate level tests are now recognized as no longer acceptable, especially in cycling, as part of complex, cause-oriented and meaningful performance diagnostics.

We were there from the very beginning and have accompanied the development in the making. We now have 18 years of experience in the interpretation of diagnostic results and the ideal, individual training control based on these results. You want the experts? You found them!